HS2 could open up rail welding opportunities

With new commitments to HS2 and confirmed construction contracts totalling 6.6 billion, now is a better time than ever to gain rail a welding qualification.

The final routes have been confirmed, and it is estimated that the first stages of the construction project will create around 16,000 jobs.

The plans for HS2 aim to link the north and south of England with the first phase linking London to The West Midlands. The next part of the infrastructure will be a train line from the West Midland to Crew. The final phase will be a line from Crew to Manchester and the West Midlands to Leeds. This means that jobs on the railway will be opening up all over the country. Work is set to start on phase 1 next year, and to be completed by 2026.

Welding Training Courses from Renown

The plans for HS2 will open many opportunities for those with track and rail-related qualifications over the next few decades. Final investments in the project suggest a secure future for the industry.

If you are interested in starting your career in the rail industry, then why not consider a welding course from Renown?

Renown Rail Welding is recognised by Network Rail for our safe and approved courses in both aluminothermic welding and manual metal arc welding. The training is hosted at our state-of-the-art based in Doncaster and Wales.

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We also have five operation centres across England and Scotland carrying out rail repairs, welding services and general track maintenance.

If you already have a welding qualification and you are looking for work, why not take a look at frequently updated job board?

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